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Yes, that's right. We have two stores.

See our Zazzle store for the simpler designs (such as items with graphs or our Fun Facts about the elements). Here are some examples:

roentgenium mugchicken wings mugEditorial Mug

See our Society6 store for the fancier designs:

Society6 Mug1Society6 Mug2Obama Mug

Both Zazzle and Society6 are Print-On-Demand (POD) stores, so if there is a special design or product that you want, just let us know (editor.pnis_at_gmail.com) and we'll put it up!

If you hate merchandise, but still want to support us, don't forget about buying a"subscription":

To Subscribe to PNIS:
1. Click the "Pay Now" button below
2. Enter desired payment in "Item Price" box
3. Pay using PayPal account or credit card
(Note: you do not need a PayPal account)










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