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January 13, 2015

Proceedings of the Natural Institute of Science | Special Paper

Paper of the Future! What a standard academic paper might look like in five years

PNIS Editorial Staff1
1 - PNIS

To kick off the second volume of The Proceedings of the Natural Institute of Science, we have teamed up with futurists, graphic designers, scientists, science communicators, and advertising executives to brainstorm what a typical scientific paper would look like just 5 years from now.

Thus, we present to you: PNIS's Paper of the Future!! Just rollover the blue dots for explanations of the paper's various features (you might have to download the .pdf to your computer first.)

[Click here for the PDF version]



Are you on a mobile device? Click below for a shoddy HTML version! Then tap on the blue dots for the explanations.

[Click here for the HTML version]


Thanks to SciGen for generating the text used for this paper.







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