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June 29, 2015

Proceedings of the Natural Institute of Science | Volume 2 | SCI-NEWS 6

Lab technician issues recall for latest batch of agar plates

MADISON, WISCONSIN – Hundreds of agar plates have been recalled today by David Ferguson, lab technician for the Center of Microbiology at the University of Wisconsin Madison. All plates made between 9 am to 10 am this morning are included in the recall. Researchers using the affected plates are encouraged to bring them to Room 087 of the Microbial Sciences Building for a free replacement.

Carly Robinson, a spokesperson for David Ferguson, said that the recall was due to possible contamination. “At around 10:30 AM CST, Mr. Ferguson noticed an empty Stevia packet on the lab bench right next to the container of NaCl,” said Robinson. “Mr. Ferguson could not remember if he had accidently added the Stevia to the agar solution instead of the NaCl, and thus issued the recall. Mr. Ferguson is deeply sorry and regrets the error.”

However, Robinson stopped short of pinning the blame completely on Ferguson. “While Mr. Ferguson may have accidentally contaminated the agar plates, we strongly feel that the Lab Manager should have never allowed Mr. Ferguson to bring his coffee and Stevia packets in the lab in the first place. We recommend a thorough re-examination of how well the food and drink policy of this lab is enforced.”

Katie Phillips, lab manager for the Center of Microbiology, offered a different perspective on the recall. “David was totally hungover when he came into work today, and I told him he needed to leave his coffee on the table outside the lab, just like everyone else,” recalled Phillips. “He must have taken it inside when I was busy cleaning up his vomit in the hallway.”

Ferguson did make a short statement, against the advice of his spokesperson: “Yeah, I got pretty hammered last night. Sorry all. Won’t happen again.”

This is the fifth recall issued by David Ferguson in the past two months. A week ago, 500 test tubes of nutrient broth were recalled due to possible contamination with a Ramen seasoning packet, and, three weeks ago, 200 Citrate Agar plates were recalled due to possible contamination Muscle Milk© Protein Powder.




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